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In May of 2019, we awarded $35,000 in scholarships on Senior Day!

Lisbon Alumni is offering a new opportunity for you to help us in our efforts in providing much needed scholarships! Read on to find out why your assistance is vital to our mission.

The Lisbon Alumni Association was formed in 1987. The first scholarships were handed out in 1988. We gave 4 – $1000 scholarships . Since then, with your help, we have been able to make many more scholarships available to graduating students. Your generous donations have enabled us to deliver $250,000 in scholarships to Lisbon students in our 32 year history.

We are asking interested parties (alumni or not) to pledge a donation of $100 per year for a 10 year period. We feel this could help generate our scholarship fund and not be too financially binding to anyone who is willing to participate.

A token of appreciation..

As our recognition of your generosity; when you make your pledge, your name will joined to the list of all $1000 club members and displayed on our website. The list can be found here.We would like the first $100 when you sign up and you will receive an invoice for the same amount on the following year.

  • Note that we need to collect the first $100 when you sign up. After that, you will receive an invoice for the same amount on following years until the commitment period expires.
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Please use this form to submit your request to be part of this worth while program.

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